Virtual and Hybrid Meetings + Events

Captivate and connect.

Maui Jim National Sales Meeting

Switch uses dynamic productions and innovative presentations to ensure that your message isn’t just something an audience hears – it is something they feel.


If you are hosting a live meeting, conference, celebration or trade show event, we take an audience-first approach to create an experience that engages, entertains and inspires. If you are looking to reach your audience remotely, Switch Streaming has the capabilities to create meaningful engagement through innovative hybrid meetings, virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, and live streaming. All so you can make the connections – and the impact – you’re looking for in-person and online.

Behind the scenes AV

The action behind the lights and cameras.

We believe that today’s audiences expect state-of-the-art presentations, and at Switch, the resources you need are all in hand. Delivering your message from a physical or virtual stage has never been easier as we are equipped to create pre-recorded content and make it available to consume on-demand or to stream live. We have the right people and the right tools to ensure your production is perfect, from development and design to the very last detail.

Supporting Services

Staging impactful moments for audiences.

When you gather people for a live or virtual business meeting, convocation, or event, it’s because you have a message to communicate. We incorporate state-of-the-art technology, intelligent production design, and a clear and defined vision that combines into a winning strategy that generates applause. Off stage, our production team crafts trade show booths and meeting environments backed by an in-house print department that provides large-format printing. Finally, Switch Streaming can turn a live event into a virtual meeting or conference in a matter of days. Whether it’s gathering 10 people or 10,000, we have the resources and expertise to put on a show that captures your audience’s attention.

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