Each year, the Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group launches more than 100 new products and accessories into the global market. Yet, the most important aspect to these tools is designing them with the user in mind. For five years now, Switch and Bosch have partnered to develop experiential campaigns that have evolved over time but with the same end goal always in mind: getting tools into the hands of the users for which they were designed. From a simple retail tour to hands-on activations at job sites to a multi-front program involving exclusive events and a YouTube series focused on consumers, our partnership has helped cement Bosch as a leader in the power tool industry.

“Every year we have been 25% over our goal. In one case we were 136% over our goal.”

Year 1 & 2 – Retail and Job Site Activations

Hands-On Experiences, Not Just Pushing Product Sales

When Bosch partnered with Switch for their “Lead the Charge” Power Tour in 2015, the goal was to put products directly into the hands of consumers at retail locations. After 400 stops and product sell-in nearing $5 million ($130,000 direct sales in one tour stop alone), the resounding success of the tour allowed for a pivot toward a new challenge in 2016: Safety and productivity training at job sites.

With the 2016 tour, certified trainers led demonstrations on job site safety through hands-on participation. By engaging the labor force where they worked with product expertise, safety training, and work efficiency, Bosch continued to build brand loyalty in the industry. Additionally, the 175 stops on this tour checked off the job site safety training requisite that is mandatory for crews. It was a win-win for the crews and the brand.

Year 3 & 4 – Dust-Free Job Site Education

Once the Dust Clears, There’s Still a Lot to Learn

Because OSHA regulates the amount of dust on job sites, the 2017 tour focused on the importance of having a dustless job site to ensure safety and productivity. The tour involved three experts in the field visiting 300 job sites. One of these professionals, nicknamed “Dustless Dave,” became an expert on dustless training. “Our guys are the trainers and the experts. They drive the trucks, do the setup, and then teach,” stated Greg Duff, who leads the Bosch team at Switch. Another one of these trainers is bilingual, so he could speak to Spanish-speaking site crews as well – adding another way that the tour was able to connect with multiple audiences.

The custom wrapped Bosch Power Truck provided hands-on displays that allowed workers to demo the brand’s featured products, including a Dustless Drill, Reaxx Table Saw and other items. Bosch branded safety vests, custom hard hats, and other useful merchandise was awarded to participants of games and activities. The tour was a huge success leading to a 35% sales increase over the 2015 Power Tour. In the end, it went on to win an award at the Event Marketer EX AWARDS for BEST MOBILE MARKETING PROGRAM.

Year 5 – VIP Events, Videos, and More

Why Not Make Work Fun and Rewarding?

Now in year five, Switch and Bosch have found new ways to connect with audiences and humanize the brand. We’re hitting the road in three different ways: 1.) A retail tour that visits Lowes stores and other locations across the nation, 2.) VIP events for top accounts, and 3.) A new travel video series led by adventurer David Whiteman. “It evolves each year,” explains Greg Duff, when talking about the exciting new elements of the Bosch tour. Even “Dustless Dave” has evolved from a training expert to an acclaimed globetrotter and YouTube host.

Forty VIP events are scheduled, including taking customers to MLB games, golf courses, and a day of deep-sea fishing. On the “Demand Different Tour,” David and a film crew spend three weeks in each market and take people in the construction field on daring and fun adventures. From literally swimming with the sharks to bull riding and whitewater rafting, the “Toes of Steel” videos shine a light on men and women outside of the job site while forming a brand connection through unique shared experiences.

Surpassing Goals by Hammering Home a New Message

If the Bosch Tour over the years has proven anything, it’s that you don’t need to do a hard sales push to gain traction with consumers. “Every year we have been 25% over our goal. In one case we were 136% over our goal,” Greg Duff of Switch proudly proclaims. Speaking to your target audience on their level and providing information and products that will benefit their daily lives carries more weight than a gimmicky sales pitch. Workers need the right tools on site to get their job done, and Bosch and Switch have devised a winning strategy that shows workers you can get the job done safely and efficiently. And having a safer and more enjoyable job site ultimately leads to long-time customers who look to Bosch as experts in the field and a brand they can trust.


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