Busch Racing is Back. And So Are We.

For the second year in a row, Switch is bringing the Busch brand to life at NASCAR races through fully engaging consumer experiences.

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Digital / 03.22.16 / Josh Kell
Why Virtual Reality Was Virtually Everywhere at SXSW

Earlier this month, several Switchers trekked to Austin to experience SXSW Interactive, a whirlwind of conferences, technology demonstrations, live music, panels and more. In this recap, we share our observations of the VR landscape ... and beyond.

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Digital, Meetings & Events / 08.03.15 / Switch
The Constant Motion of Real-Time, On-Site, On-Message Motion Graphics

For Primerica’s biennial convention, Switch took the meeting’s theme – It’s Time – literally, crafting messaging via video motion graphics in real-time on show site, continuously engaging the audience and keeping pace with the mood and motivations of the event. How can you determine if on-site editing is a must for your meeting or event?

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Digital / 03.21.15 / Steve Kozel
Image Concept #2: Raster vs. Vector

In Part Two of his series, Steve calls on his favorite color palette – red, white and blue – to show the differences between vector and raster image formats. Let's do this, America!

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