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Creative Risks Worth Taking in the B2C Marketing Industry

  In the constantly evolving world of marketing your brand, it can be easy to fall into a rut of doing things the same way they have always been done. However, taking creative risks can pay off in a big way, and in 2023 it is more important than ever for organizations to be willing...

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Experiential / 06.22.21 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Sweets & Snacks: Maximize the Success of Your 2021 Sampling Program

There’s no one right way to bring a product sampling campaign to market, but there’s certainly a lot of wrong ways. We’ve all seen it. Brand ambassadors that don’t have knowledge of the product. Lackluster assets that don’t make the footprint stand out and speak to the brand. An overall experience that doesn’t leave you...

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Digital, Experiential / 05.06.21 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Digesting Data: How Important Is Data to the Creative Process?

We are in an endless loop where we are constantly consuming information just as outlets are collecting information from each of us. It’s a snake eating its own tail – we are being fed new content while unconsciously deciding the direction of the content in real-time that will be our next meal. Netflix has used...

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Communicating Your Brand Story Through Environmental Design

Environmental design speaks to creating a temporary or permanent environment that isn’t just a place… but an experience. It’s one of the ways a brand story can really come to life. For Switch, environmental design is the intersection where branding, interior design, and storytelling converge. When these three components come together, brands are able to...

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