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Rethink How You Approach Your Collegiate Marketing Campaign

Your future starts here Find your career path Fulfill your dreams  Explore your potential Start Your Journey  Better Yourself There’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard a motivational phrase like these used in advertising for a college recently. It’s a classic approach in higher education marketing that most likely won’t go away any time...

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Sweets & Snacks: Stand Out on the Shelf and Online

You are you for a reason. You have defined human features and distinct characteristics. There’s no one else that’s an exact match of you, and so should be the case with your brand. Your product may exist alongside other products with similarities, but that doesn’t mean your brand or product should be mistaken for another....

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Redesigning and Building Brands for Future Growth

When you think of the Apple brand, you don’t just think of their products. You think of monochrome colors, imagery and advertisements. For some, it might be words, feelings and ideas. Over time, Apple has embraced its famous slogan “Think Different” because they have put great thought into how people experience their brand. They have...

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Key Takeaways to Help Your Brand Rise to the Top

Each year, it gets harder to break through a crowded market and get your brand off the ground. Not only are you up against the immediate competition related to your category, but you are competing against every other brand that’s fighting for a spot in the headspace of today’s consumer. There is only so many...

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