Branding, Digital / 01.12.22 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Rethink How You Approach Your Collegiate Marketing Campaign

Your future starts here Find your career path Fulfill your dreams  Explore your potential Start Your Journey  Better Yourself There’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard a motivational phrase like these used in advertising for a college recently. It’s a classic approach in higher education marketing that most likely won’t go away any time...

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Meetings & Events / 10.05.21 / Switch_Blog_Admin
How to Top Your Last Great Meeting or Event

Once the lights are taken down and the stage is disassembled, it’s time to face the music. Every meeting & event producer will tell you that no matter how successful you may think the production went or how engaged the audience seemed to be, it always comes down to what the client has to say....

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Culture / 10.05.21 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Switch Welcomes New President, CEO and Vice President, CFO

All of us at Switch are pleased to announce the company’s new President and Chief Executive Officer, Darren Temple and Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Maggie Laur.   Darren Temple succeeds John Nickel and Kevin Quigley who previously led the company as Co-Presidents. Darren brings 28 years of experience in the meetings, events and tradeshow...

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Experiential / 06.22.21 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Sweets & Snacks: Maximize the Success of Your 2021 Sampling Program

There’s no one right way to bring a product sampling campaign to market, but there’s certainly a lot of wrong ways. We’ve all seen it. Brand ambassadors that don’t have knowledge of the product. Lackluster assets that don’t make the footprint stand out and speak to the brand. An overall experience that doesn’t leave you...

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