Experiential / 01.08.21 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Pivoting – Four Tips to Evolve Your Experiential Marketing

If there was one word we heard more in 2020 than virtual it would be pivot. It was what businesses were told to do to combat the financial effects of the pandemic. If you generated most of your revenue in a brick and mortar, you had to focus on selling online. If you had a...

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Meetings & Events / 01.08.21 / Switch_Blog_Admin
How to Apply 2020 Lessons to Your 2021 Meeting or Event

The term virtual meeting maybe should have been Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year. While the concept is far from new, it wasn’t until 2020 forced many businesses to begin to really embrace this way of engaging audiences remotely. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic creating more of a need for virtual meetings & events, the concept is...

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Branding / 01.07.21 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Redesigning and Building Brands for Future Growth

When you think of the Apple brand, you don’t just think of their products. You think of monochrome colors, imagery and advertisements. For some, it might be words, feelings and ideas. Over time, Apple has embraced its famous slogan “Think Different” because they have put great thought into how people experience their brand. They have...

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Meetings & Events / 08.17.20 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Live, Hybrid, and Streaming: Virtual Meetings & Events Offer Multiple Solutions

Not every music festival is a Coachella or SXSW. Not every movie looks like a Marvel superhero blockbuster. Not every band sounds like The Rolling Stones (though there are many that try). This same idea applies to the meetings & events industry. There are too many types of events to list. Galas, fundraisers, product launches,...

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