Experiential / 04.02.20 / Switch_Blog_Admin
CONEXPO 2020: The Future of Construction is Being Built Around These Trends

While the hammer and nail can still get some jobs done, the construction industry and the tools they use, look quite a bit different in 2020. As with every industry, technology is evolving and reshaping the way construction crews are working on job sites. These new products, equipment and processes were on full display at...

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Branding / 12.06.19 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Key Takeaways to Help Your Brand Rise to the Top

Each year, it gets harder to break through a crowded market and get your brand off the ground. Not only are you up against the immediate competition related to your category, but you are competing against every other brand that’s fighting for a spot in the headspace of today’s consumer. There is only so many...

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Meetings & Events / 11.04.19 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Experiences Worthy of Praise: Producing Faith-Based Events

The overhead lights go down and spotlights ignite the stage. The centerpiece of the stage comes into focus anchored by supporting screens and banners. There is a collective, unified feeling that washes over the audience – a positive energy that emanates from each audience member as they gaze ahead. The audio overhead triggers the start...

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Meetings & Events / 08.23.19 / Switch_Blog_Admin
Ensuring That a St. Louis Tradition Soars

  For an event like the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, Switch is getting fired up months before the balloons ignite their flames in the park. Eleven months, to be exact. Meetings are held, information is collected, and the initial steps are taken to ensure that the event is even better than the year before....

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