When a product demo involves chop saws and hammer drills and targets seasoned professionals, your brand ambassadors need to know their stuff. But unlike many mobile tours, the highly efficient Bosch Power Tour hinged on something else – independence. 

Built for durability and performance, Bosch’s top-of-the-line tools attract trade professionals – folks who drill, measure, saw and construct on the daily for a living. It’s not enough to simply demonstrate the functionality and innovation of these tools; we also need to drive purchase.

The Bosch Power Tour

The 26-week Bosch Power Tour is divided into five separate territories in the US and Canada, each led by a Tour Manager. Switch mapped out nearly 500 stops at home improvement stores – from big box to mom-and-pop shops – to secure tool demonstrations and point-of-sale setup. Our primary focus is end users of the product, but we are also cognizant of the potential to strengthen retailer relationships along the way.

Unlike other programs that featured a band of brand ambassadors, our five Tour Managers are flying solo. Well – not entirely. They have constant support from our program managers here at Switch HQ, and they have SMRT™ (our mobile reporting tool) at their fingertips. But as far as transporting + setting up the experience and engaging with the target, each leg of the tour is a one-person show. The five Tour Managers are trained to talk tools with pros, manage data capture and boost sales solo. Now that’s efficient.

Training with the Pros

When sourcing applicants for the Tour Manager positions, we knew a passion for and thorough understanding of power tools was table stakes. With Tour Managers being able to relate to the target demo’s pain points, they could more efficiently demonstrate and promote Bosch’s line of products.


For more than a week, the Bosch trainer imparted copious product knowledge to our trainees in our space, educating the team on what differentiates Bosch products from the competition. Rigorous hands-on demonstrations facilitated a unique chance for our team to see the tools in action as they drilled into buckets of solid concrete and sliced through lumber as though it were a soft cheese.


Making the Sale At Bosch Standards

Once people experience the tools on the tour, they have the opportunity to purchase on-site. Each event is positioned to feature special pricing and promotional offerings for Bosch corded and cordless power tools, accessories and measuring tools. So naturally we have to ensure our drill-wielding, sawdust-covered, work boots-wearing mobile team understand the sales process.

When it comes to consumer engagement, the Tour Manager is trained to hit key talking points: event-only deals, new product features and promotional door prizes. He or she uses SMRT, the Switch Mobile Reporting Tool, for tracking product buy-in and sell-through numbers. SMRT also allows Tour Managers to log data and insights such as attendance numbers, consumer feedback and optimal engagement times. Both individuals at Switch HQ and Bosch can access SMRT to view sales performance and tour highlights.


Powering On-the-Road Success

With 4-5 events/week for each leg of the tour, Tour Managers are constantly moving around their designated territory. They might be in Bloomington, IL one week and Tulsa, OK the next. Multiply that by five (to account for all tours), and you have a pretty robust schedule. From booking hotels on a budget to staying organized on the road, we transferred our “road warrior” know-how to our Tour Managers. And let’s not forget DOT training. Before handing over the keys of each van + trailer to our crew, our DOT expert, Thad, ensured they passed a series of tests – alcohol & drug substance abuse training, distracted drivers training CSA (Compliance, Safety Accountability) training and more.

Real-time Reporting Enables Independence

The tour started showing tremendous results almost immediately upon launch. Relying heavily on SMRT, the tour managers can communicate sales performance and valuable insights to Switch and the client. With more than 50% of the tour stops remaining, we’re ready to apply findings to make the tour engagements even stronger moving forward.

From Boston to Dallas to Vancouver, Bosch Power Tour will be heading toward a city near you. Learn more at BoschPowerTour.com