That moment when Big ideas come from the littlest things.



Fiskars wanted to showcase how their assortment of tools can be used in various ways around the home and garden. Their goal was to create meaningful connections with potential consumers and inspire people to think of the possibilities that can emerge when you embrace your creative side.

Fiskars Tiny Home

We wanted to show how you can tackle projects both big and small with Fiskars products and communicate to consumers that anyone can use them, regardless of craft skills or experience.

Switch brought the Fiskars campaign slogan – “Shape Your World”– to life by gutting and completely redesigning an existing tiny home to show what you can do using the tools Fiskars provides. It was fully furnished like a real living space – complete with electricity and a functional bathroom and kitchen. Furniture and furnishings created by influencers were incorporated throughout the home to show off their original work and inspire others. The tiny home became a backdrop for DIY activities to show makers and craft fans how Fiskars tools can be used to create craft projects at home.

The tiny home took to the road and stopped at Renegade Craft Fairs in Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Our in-house fabrication studio worked for weeks building out the inside and creating a deck and “outdoor” area for demos and eating. Aspects of the home that provided hands-on experiences with Fiskars products included:

  • Beverage station on patio with herb snip and knives
  • Raised garden bed area to feature their trowel and shovel
  • Floral arranging space with shears and wire cutters
  • Work bench to demo a saw
  • Creative installation of paper-punching garland
  • Shrubs to trim with pruners, shears, and loppers
  • Sewing area to test tools on fabrics
  • Space to use staple gun with various materials
  • Integrated spot to test kid scissors

To maintain engagement after people walked through and around the home, workshops with lifestyle influencers were scheduled as a part of the tour. An outdoor area was set up for crafters to take part in various activities, including mini bouquet-making. This mobile activation offered a unique brand experience and inspired festival attendees to embrace their creative side.

4 Renegade Craft Fair Stops

900 Influencer Classes

15,000 Demonstrations

25,000 Home Walk-throughs

The Result

We were able to make a big impact with a tiny space.

People touring Fiskars Tiny Home
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