Field Marketing

A force in the field.

Children in a snowball fight at Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Moving product often starts with moving people – encouraging a relationship that brings about real emotion, genuine interest and, ultimately, brand loyalty. Switch combines innovation and logistics with practical, in-market expertise to build relationships and strengthen brands.

From mobile tours and immersive experiences to in-store sampling and influencer programs, we manage it all in markets across the country.

Bosch safety demonstration at construction site

Brand Experience Tours

Sampling + Retail Support

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Muscle Milk poured into sample cup

Influencer Programs

Sponsorship Activations

Sparkling ICE Inflatable tent with brand ambassadors
5 Hour Energy field marketing tour

We put plans into action.

Switch connects the dots that lead from greater brand awareness to greater sales, providing solutions for every element of your campaign, including finance, technology, transportation, operations, reporting, risk management and internal audit. We believe that expert coordination ensures a seamless activation, and we work to make this happen for every partner.

Supporting Services
  • Reporting + Analytics
  • Staffing + Training
  • Team Management + Operations
  • Fleet Customization + Management
  • Market Research

Creating memorable one-on-one moments.

Consumers are valuing experiences over possessions more than ever before. It’s critical for brands to deliver meaningful experiences, activations, and in- and out-of-store sampling that connects with consumers. We take a tactical approach on the ground level when activating successful field marketing campaigns that deliver ROI. From sampling tours, to influencer programs, to event and festival activations, here’s a sampling of the effective work we do in the field.

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