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We’re just your normal, everyday creative agency + production house that specializes in business meetings, live events, virtual events, hybrid events, field marketing, brand immersion, tradeshows, exhibits, advertising, branding, packaging, digital, B2B, B2C, video production, print production, event technology, scene fabrication, you-name-it-we-probably-do-it, and much more.

Business Meetings

We use dynamic productions and innovative presentations to ensure that your message isn’t just something an audience hears – it is something they feel. We believe that state-of-the-art is table stakes, and the resources you need are all in hand in our 100,000+ sq ft headquarters. We have the right people and the right tools to ensure your production is perfect, from development and design to the very last detail. And if you’re looking to reach your audience remotely, Switch Streaming has the capabilities to create meaningful engagement through virtual or hybrid meetings and conferences that include live streaming, pre-recorded or on-demand videos, educational content, virtual panel discussion or forums, and much more.

Live, Virtual + Hybrid Events

Consumers value experiences over possessions more than ever before. It’s critical for brands to deliver meaningful experiences, activations, and events that engage, entertain, educate, inspire and connect with audiences. That’s why we take an audience-first approach to every event that we concept, design and produce, so we deliver the messaging and interactions audiences want to participate in while also representing your brand true to what it stands for. So whether in-person, online, or both, the events we concept and produce help you make the connections – and the impact – you’re looking for.

Field Marketing + Brand Immersions

Switch connects the dots that lead from greater brand awareness to greater sales, providing solutions for every element of your campaign. And moving product often starts with moving people – inspiring them to take action and participate in a face-to-face interaction with your brand or product. When done right, it creates a relationship that brings about real emotion, genuine interest and, ultimately, brand loyalty. We combine innovation and logistics with practical, in-market expertise to build those one-to-one relationships and strengthen brands. From mobile tours and immersive experiences to in-store sampling and influencer programs, we manage it all in markets across the country. We believe our expert coordination ensures a seamless activation, and we work to make this happen for every partner.

Tradeshows, Exhibits + Environmental Design

From concept to design, we bring your brand to life in a way that gets attention and invites everyone who sees it to come over and experience it for themselves. We design every tradeshow, exhibit, environment and brand immersion to be a journey through the story your brand wants to tell. These thought-provoking experiences become sharable moments that create talk-value beyond the space they live in. And having a complete set of in-house solutions from design through fabrication and installation that allows us to oversee every aspect of every project gives us an unfair advantage.

Digital Marketing

Our team is dedicated to dreaming up and creating immersive VR environments, crafting eye-catching social messaging and digital content, customizing user-friendly apps and designing and building sites that truly connect with consumers.

Our comprehensive digital offerings can help your brand establish new connections – or strengthen existing ones with the right user-focused strategy and brand storytelling.

Branding + Advertising

Our team has experience identifying your unique brand attributes and personality and bringing them out at every consumer touchpoint. When consumers understand your brand, they’re more likely to connect with it. That’s where we come in. With clear, impactful branding, you can build your business on the foundation of a strong first impression. And when you bring your brand to life with passion and care based on actionable insights, your story stops interrupting the things that people care about and instead becomes what people care about.

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