That moment when You create a new lesson plan to reach students.


Lindenwood University

When Lindenwood University reached out to Switch to create a new ad campaign that would be “disruptive,” we knew not only that it had to be different from every other university ad campaign in the market, we had to say something different and cut through the noise if we were to stand out in a crowded St. Louis market.

Inviting people to rediscover an overlooked school.

We found through research that many people had heard of Lindenwood, but rarely did they consider it or recommend it compared to other schools in and around St. Louis. This helped inform how we approached creating an awareness campaign that encouraged people to research the school, and ultimately, schedule tours and apply for their undergraduate, graduate and MBA programs.


By asking people to “Rethink What You Think About Lindenwood University” we are making people re-examine what they already know – or don’t know – about Lindenwood University and drop their preconceived notions to hear what the school has to say. Emphasizing this idea that people jump to conclusions or label something without stopping to think about it, the campaign depicted situations that could be easily misread. We used relatable metaphors to communicate concepts – leveraging established tropes and staples from storytelling. This gave us freedom to not feel confined to just the expected college campus scenarios. But like the school awaiting to be discovered, there is an unexpected reveal with each story that makes people rethink what they first thought.

This is the biggest campaign in the history of the school – with 3x more media across all channels than what the school had previously placed.

By rethinking what to say to our target audience, we disrupted the education market in the greater St. Louis area and attracted national attention.

One of the pleasant surprises of the campaign is not just the reveal once you get past the headline or the initial situation being depicted, but how stats and selling points are weaved into each individual narrative. Each piece highlights different benefits of Lindenwood, from the number of clubs and organizations, to a top-tier MBA program, to the number of degrees they offer.


Previously, people might not have had enough information to form an educated opinion on Lindenwood University. But with “Rethink What You Think About Lindenwood,” we made people aware of the benefits of the school in a BIG and unexpected way. It was through research and talking with the community that helped inform what we had to say. In turn, we were able to deliver a campaign that differentiated itself from other universities through a unique tone of voice and a “disruptive” approach.

5Educational Advertising Awards, including Best in Show

7SIA Awards, Including Best Integrated Campaign and Best Television Campaign

1Silver Award from the American Advertising Federation

5Commercials, 5 OOH Boards, 4 Print Ads, 4 Digital Ads

The Result

A school that’s not afraid to disrupt the class.

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